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Loren Amelang lives off-grid in California and this video includes some tips and ideas:

Don't cover the greenhouse roof with glass because the winter sun comes through the windows on the walls because it's lower, and in summer it gets too hot.

He uses a commercial three compartment sink in main kitchen. It must be very handy for washing produce.

He uses a wood cook stove in the kitchen for heat as well as for cooking, and has a gas stove in his summer kitchen. I think an electric stove might work well, but perhaps he can't easily generate enough electrictity. It looks like his summer kitchen is located on the north side of the house.

He has located his fridge in the summer kitchen so that it doesn't fight the heating system in winter when electricity 'costs' more.

His solar panels are mounted a few inches above the roof so that they do not overheat and are thus more efficient.

I like the fabric tube with computer fan to force excess heat from ceiling to floor, but a ceiling fan does pretty much the same thing.

He had a system set up that was supposed to drain the water out of the solar panels if temperatures dropped below freezing, but it failed many times. He was concerned about various issues regarding storing and using traditional deicing products so uses Susterra® propanediol antifreeze in his hydronic systems.


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I often envy California! Solar here is so much more difficult. We get good sun on the south side when the sun is out. But for the last several months (since about September) that time is usually measurable in minutes, not days!


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