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The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, 2011 EditionThe Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, 2011 Edition by Paula Guran

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror
Edited by Norman Partridge

Though there is very little here that is truly revolutionary, the stories are lovely, dark and deep. There are vampires, werewolves, zombies, wizards, and gingerbread houses - but none quite as they've been told before.

"You Dream" by Ekaterina Sedia was one of the most touching stories of the collection. I love this: " And yet you understand his point, the essential impossibility of revealing one's secrets - especially if those secrets are not one's fault. We can get over the wrongs we do, but we cannot forgive ourselves for the wrongs done to us, for your own helplessness."

"The Things by Peter Watts is another retelling of Jon Carpenter's short story but from a very different point of view.

Neil Gaiman's "The Thing About Cassandra" has a delightfully terrible twist.

The last story is "The Mystery Knight: A Tale of the Seven Kingdoms" by George R. R. Martin. If you love the Game of Thrones series, here is a bit of background set before the time of the first novel. A bit complex for a short, but great for those who just can't get enough Westeros.

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