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(I posted this as a comment in Hillbillie's journal, but really it belongs here in mine.)
That's what my best friend told me to explain my mother.
I have many gifts from her:
All that weeding and picking taught me to garden, now that I don't need to ask for her permission for every move.
Making dinner every night from the age of eleven taught me about cooking everyday things with flair-now that I'm allowed to use ingredients I like.
Being responsible for cleaning the house from the age of 12 gave me the tools I need for my current job, not to mention the cleaning that is part of life.
Raising my brother equipped me to raise my sons.
Being hit taught me to hide things and live in fear, and that nobody really loves bullies.
Wanting love I never got taught me that I don't want to be a bully.
At the end of her life, my friends taught me that it's okay to feel a weird kind of joy when you get to give the order to disconnect life support.
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Started getting sick on the 15th July, by 16th July I had some spots, and by 17th July I was in hell. I thought I'd already had chicken pox so was immune.


Since then, I have discovered that if you get to the doctor ASAP when you've been exposed/start to get sick, they can sometimes give you meds to prevent a full-blown case.

Now, crusting over nicely, with no signs of nasty secondary issues beyond fatigue.


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