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This may apply to young men too, but I’ve only ever been a young woman so that’s the only experience I can really address.

There is a point in a young woman's life when she begins to feel her power. She realizes that she is desirable and that she has the ability to affect her own fate and those of others. She can even change the world. That's the moment when Life is Strange.

She realizes that things are wrong. That people are getting hurt. She feels that it is up to her to stop it. She sees that she is noticed and fears that she is unseen. She knows she should step up, but sees what happens others when they do.

She can be Katniss. Or Hermione. Or Tris. Or maybe she's just the missing girl. The girl killed before the story even began. Either way, along with power she learns vulnerability. There are dangers lurking in the classrooms and streets as well as the dark rooms and corners.

So much power, and so much responsibility.

She can choose and it matters. It's also terrifying because she may choose wrong and the boogeyman will get her. Or her friend. Or that other girl.

Maybe she can negotiate the choices and it will only be the other girl who will be exploited, assaulted, even killed. But then that will feel like her fault too.

Do you think you’ve got the guts to be a teenaged woman? Try playing as Max and find out.


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