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Elf's analysis of what is wrong:

I don't really need to add anything to this - just want to spread the link a little.
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We put our satellite reception ‘on vacation’ at the beginning of the summer, in an effort to pay down our car loan more quickly. In December, we have to turn it on again to receive a basic package for one month - something about avoiding cancellation fees or some other crap.

I knew that I would feel a loss for some dramas, and suspected that we would miss news. Turns out that I may not have been as addicted as I thought I was.

In December we will evaluate whether we need broadcast TV or not. It may not be coming back.

There have been a few drama series that I may have missed and may end up buying on DVD; but really it doesn’t seem like much of a loss. This way I get to get a sense from others of how much I will enjoy them before I make any major commitment.

I have had a gut feeling that the important stuff is happening online and reported immediately through social media. I have always had a distrust of mainstream news coverage. The documentary, "Orwell rolls in his grave," now nearly a dozen years old, helps to solidify that feeling for me:

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0410407/

Watch: http://freedocumentaries.org/int.php?filmID=87

Warning: Michael Moore content. He serves a purpose, but he’s not perfect.
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Sometimes even the strongest among us need.  When you remember veterans and see the old men at memorials, remember that they aren't all old, and they aren't all men.

A tale told by an American veteran of how her country is failing her.  I don't think it's just an American story.

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Carolyn is brilliant, and the daughter of a hoarder.  She is helping her mother get things together and in this essay she succinctly analyzes some key causes for hoarding:

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Started getting sick on the 15th July, by 16th July I had some spots, and by 17th July I was in hell. I thought I'd already had chicken pox so was immune.


Since then, I have discovered that if you get to the doctor ASAP when you've been exposed/start to get sick, they can sometimes give you meds to prevent a full-blown case.

Now, crusting over nicely, with no signs of nasty secondary issues beyond fatigue.


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